“In approximately 30 years my kids will be in my shoes. What will our world look like? Will we have another generation of adults who “want it now”? Will they be driven by instant gratification or will we as parents seek to raise them in a manner that will give them the tools to be responsible and happy adults.”

Moola Monsters is a fun and exciting program for children that positively shapes character, financial acumen, and overall behavior.


“Moola Monsters is working WONDERS for our 6 yr old. I’m happy to report that this is the first time we’ve managed to make it to school without either Mommy or Daddy breaking down and yelling. If the girls make it in the car by 7:35, they get a card! Whew-hew! It works!” (Laura from AZ)

“No joke, my daughter (5 yrs) is now potty training her brother (2 yrs) for Moola Monsters cards…and it was HER idea! Daang!” (Erin from AZ)

“My 3 yr old stopped in mid-bite when I told her she would not get her Moola Monsters card…Unbelievable!” (Lisa from AZ)
“My son (6 yrs) loves them. He makes his bed, brushes his teeth and gets dressed every morning without me telling him to. He invested them last weekend and gave his 10% to church and “the poor”. I’ve been telling several parents in my office about them. They are a great teaching tool!” (Sean from MS)

“My kid (7 yrs) chose a banana for a snack over a chocolate chip cookie because he the banana was free and the chocolate chip cookie costs 3 Moola cards. I was siked to see him make a wise choice!” (Jason from TX)


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